MICC will remain at Midwood for 10 more years!

Thanks to the support of the community at Midwood International & Cultural Center (MICC, for short) and our Plaza-Midwood neighbors, the board of Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools voted on March 20, 2018 to approve a renewal of MICC’s lease for five years, with five annual renewals — a total of 10 years! Our people made a wonderful case at the school board’s March 13 meeting, and we are grateful to the tenants and friends of MICC who told their stories.

In 2012, the Charlotte Mecklenburg School board chose the MICC from a broad field of competitors, to revitalize the property at 1817 Central Avenue. Since that day, the organizations honored to call MICC home have created a unique urban environment that not only supports and expands the mission of Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools; together, we change lives —

  • Educating and supporting a diverse community of kids and adults to secure their success in Charlotte
  • Building family economic strength and opportunity, and improving social mobility
  • Stabilizing & reunifying families — creating ever-stronger environments where families thrive and students excel

MICC Info CardMICC’s lease on the building we’ve upgraded and stewarded for the last six years was due for renewal in June of 2018, and both MICC tenants and the Plaza-Midwood neighborhood wanted to see MICC remain at 1817 Central Avenue for another 10 years. So MICC asked the board of Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools to help us continue serving Charlotte from the heart of Plaza Midwood — to say Yes! to a ten-year lease — and to the difference we make together.

We’re transforming lives at MICC

Nowhere else in Charlotte will you find such diverse activity under one roof — from microlending at the Nobel Prize-winning Grameen Bank to photography classes for all ages at longtime Charlotte studio The Light Factory, from newcomers learning English at International House to concerned citizens studying policy issues at the League of Women Voters. Resident MICC organizations educate kids and adults, build economic & social mobility, strengthen & reunify families, and support success for thousands of people every year.

Hear from the people MICC serves

We're capturing a few of the stories of people who offer and enjoy the programs at Midwood International & Cultural Center.


Thriving in their vibrant home at MICC, these organizations educate, empower and enrich Charlotte kids, adults and families—


1817 Central Avenue
Charlotte NC 28205

In the heart of Plaza Midwood
PM Neighborhood Association
PM Merchants Association


Whether you'd like to host an event in the MICC auditorium, inquire about available space for lease, or just learn more about the great work going on in this unique Charlotte location, click here to drop us an email .